Monday, December 19, 2011


Wow Im getting pretty slack at all this since we came back from Auckland. Dont hate me mwahahahaha

Have been watching some How I Met Your Mother. John was sceptical at first and now asks for it every night :D

Right, some pics and then a decent update :D

This is Declan at his kindy xmas party last week.
Hes a little Maori boy and doesnt he play his roots well!
Declan and the kids singing
Andrew getting his present from Santa

Friday, December 2, 2011

Right now Im.........

Watching the Racheal Ray Show
Playing the kids Gourmet Ranch on FB
Mucking around with my Blog Template
Checking out a couple of Forums and Message Boards
Thinking about cleaning up a wee bit
Checking out blogs
Thinking I *should* do a proper catch up blog post, but there has been too much for me to put in ONE post lol
Loving the desktop that I got from
Mucking around with a few sites from Blog above

Friday, November 11, 2011

The end of the week!

The end of the week is here!
Everyone is making a big fuss about the way the date is (because it will never ever happen again) and making a big fuss about christmas/rent/mortgages etc.

Im almost ready to go to Auckland next week for hubbys Cardiac thing. Its an ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY RADIO FREQUENCY ABLATION. I havent googled it. I dont want to freak myself out any more than I already am. On the outside I am fine, but inside Im a bundle of nerves. My hubby has a heart problem where they think that he has an extra nerve at the bottom of his heart and when its exposed and under stress it causes a second heart beat and also Tachycardia. Not very nice and hes had two attacks so far (that caused him to go to hospital) and no one knows what it is or what brings it on. It just comes and goes.

Anyhooooo moving on. I went to check KMB and I have made the "just added" list! YAY me!

Um not much else to "report" today for the week as Im not feeling to well, I have bloods on monday and the weather is NOT the best here. Will try and have a better night Blah Blah Blah

Much love to you all

Ooh just a quick picture add.

Have a GREAT weekend 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Im home alone tonight. Second night this week so far :(
I have a huge list of things I need to do in preperation for next week. Hubby and I are flying to Auckland for a standard Cardiac Procedure for him. So, I need to get a suitcase and pack all of us up (the kids are staying somewhere for the week) and clean up the house and do a big grocery shop so I dont have to come home to a dirty home and no food.

UGH hahahaha

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crazy busy week

It has been a crazy week here...well it seems like it.
After having such a short week last week (labour weekend), this week is just flying through.

A short recap for ya!

Monday....OMG we were blessed with HOT sunny weather so I went for my usual weekly 1hour walk with my luffaly friend before she flies off to Auckland for a womens church thing for the weekend.

Tuesday....Started with Declans weekly swim lesson and then dropped him at daycare. The weather wasnt so good today....Cloudy and muggy.

Wednesday....SHOPPING DAY! I was so shocked to see so many specials this week at my supermarket Countdown. I filled my trolley, got what I needed and got more stuff and still had just over my weekly grocery budget left! So Im going to splurge on some extra meat this week because I want to start stocking up for the Dec-Feb period.
I went and had lunch with hubby, went to weekly church group, picked up Andrew (mr7) from school and took him to haircut and swim lesson and Burger King for dinner on the way home.

Thursday (today).....stayed AWAKE after hubby left for work (shock horror!), took Declan (mr4) to daycare ON TIME :O haha and even got to fit in 90mins at gym before coming home and having just have laundry to do (have run out of towels again...what are they doing with them?) and a blob in front of the telly.

Bring on tomorrow!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Andrew having time out. No matter what anyone says, when you have a super defiant kid and no patience, NOTHING works and you have to keep changing your discipline routines lol

 This is John (hubby) digging over the fence. He wants to plant corn over in the railway land and make it useful instead of an eye sore
 Isnt he fantastic?!?!?!
John decided to weed on our side and the other side of the fence to make it look better :)
This is Declan at his first lesson of term 4

So thats pretty much what we have been up to over the past few weeks. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Signs of SUMMER baby!

This is the post of summer!

What makes you think "summer"?

I have this awesome song/flash mob dance
Another Micheal Franti song
Anything Sublime is great
Fat Freddys Drop is cool too!

I could just keep going, but I wont have enough room!

Fish n chips at the lake
Playing late into the night with the neighbourhood kids

What are your signs of summer?

Also had a fantastic weekend! Great (well almost great weather), kids out playing all weekend, hubby in the garden digging it over etc. Was G R E A T!!!!

A dampener was of course the air con dying in the car this week (BOOOOO) but its fixable and until then, Im just going to have to wind all the windows down bahahahahaha

Friday, October 7, 2011

Link goodness 7 October 2011

I have stumbled on a great (and I mean G R E A T) blog you need to check it out really Michelles blog
Anyway, thanks to Michelles blog I have found some link goodness (in her words, not mine)

The Pomodoro Technique

Keeping in perspective, Avoiding Jealousy and Staying Thankful

Ok well thats only TWO links, but Im still reading her blog and had to post those before I forgot lol

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Well heres a pic of what the garden looks like now

Acutally I dont have one lol

But I do have pics.........

The above pics are of Declans swim lesson. Last one of the term and he is learning back kicking with his friend C.

I also have pics from when I went to pick my two sons up the other day from their great grandmas house......

I KNOW.....cute new baby ducklings! What a great thing in spring!

So, I think thats about it for us at the mo (well until I remember something else lol)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today is not a good day

Im just a wee bit stressed about hubbys "simple" procedure that needs to be done in Auckland next month.

Made the fatal mistake of posting it on a public forum where people just took the wrong things, turned them around and made me really angry so I attacked back at them. Then of course it went FERAL and I made the mistake of reading all SIX pages. I hope it made them better to write the things they said.
Not really much else to say about that.

On a good note, hubby saw my poor attempt at the weeding and got into the garden and did the rest and dug it over. Just in time I reckon as the rain came down this morning after a fantastic week of sunshine!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another lovely day here

So I decided that it might be a good day to start on the weeding on the vege patch and get it ready for when John decides (if he decides) to plant anything this year.
We spent all of last summer/spring weeding and prepping the soil for a season and didnt plant anything. John figured that its too exposed and needs shade hey, any excuse.

So this is the left end of the garden (its roughly 4 railway sleepers long by 1 sleeper wide)

The right end of the garden

And the little wee patch I started today lol

The only problem is the railway behing the fence and on top of the hill (that you cant really see in the pic lol)
We have however, put in blood n bone, sheep manure and it looks quite nice once you dig it up. There was a huge FAT worm that came out of hiding, so Im guessing we just need some compost and soil and we are ready to go!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want to be......

I want to be absolutely FANTASTIC!

I know that I can be am, but I want to be better. I want big. I want more. I want LOTS.

I found this fantastic site today mummy blogs NZ and it has so many fantastic things on it. Im in heaven. Its like finding Pinterest and being obsessed lol. I see things I want and things I want to do and things I want to be and now Im just on overload. I want FANTASTIC. I want to be the person I used to be and be better lol.

I want to get back in the groove. I want to have a nice clean house again where I can see the table top and the bench and the FLOOR! I want to be organised again and bake and cook and LOVE what Im doing instead of thinking about the hassle of the clean up or what I need to buy. I want to pull out the craft stuff I have been hoarding and make fantastic collages on canvases and have them on my newly painted walls. I want a house that I want to spend time in and not find the bad things that bring me down. And I think SPRING is a fantastic time to get all this back. A long with my online friends (a good friend), my church friends and my family, I think I can truly get what I want.

I think I should hang out the rest of my laundry and fold up Mt Foldmore and think about getting dinner started.

Oh this is kind of a description (profile or whatever) of why I have gone into the land of blogging.


So I decided that I would mow the lawn today. Start at the back (RIGHT up the back and wait for the sun to dry the rest of it as I go) and I ended up doing it in THREE blocks of 30mins lol.

Half way through, I was just OMG what was I thinking? On the plus side, I have been on a diet program and I burnt 660 calories! Yay me! :D

I would love to show you a pic, but I have no batteries in the camera today hahahahaha

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So officially over making this lol

This blog has turned into my worst nightmare lol

As I sit here thinking, "ok I want the WHOLE page to have the SAME font and its not happening", my sweet dear hubby is working late (after doing a 15hour day yesterday) and my two sweet boys are sleeping (well I really hope they are sleeping).
Playing on the telly is yet another old telly program remade to "fit" 2011 and Im guessing it will not last very long.

Anyway, Im going to feed the animals, make a cuppa and wait for John to get home from work.

Also, I think an intro post and a profile might be a super good idea so this all makes sense as to why I am writing  my everyday things into cyber space for everyone to read and comment on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am absolutely Gobsmacked at DH over the weeked. ARG Im so ready to start pulling my hair out lol.

Just having a play around with my NEW blog (yay me!)