Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty Come Forth

Yesterday was Church group. I truly DO NOT know what I would do without my weekly church group ♥
The Pastors daughter had a book called "Beauty Come Forth" and had a print out.
Here is the lovely print out 

Spiritual Beauty Tools

This may sound like an obvious tool, but it is only effective if you use it. Many times people shy away from reading the Bible because of the language used in the KJV (King James Version), which is a challenge to comprehend, but there are many more translations of the Bible that are a much easier read. Acquaint yourself with one that fits your style and personality.

Daily Devotional
A good daily devotional will help you learn scripture and apply its teaching to the cares and concerns of everyday life. Like choosing the right Bible, try on a few devotionals and see which one better ministers to your needs. There are a multitude of Daily Devotionals to be found online or at your favourite bookstore.

Make prayer a part of your daily routine. It is easy for life to be crowded by the many demands of your time, but remember, prayer is your time to talk to your creator. It is also the time to let your request be known.  I talk to myself A me it makes things seem a lot clearer than they appear and this is my way of praying to the Lord. Bowing my head and praying makes me feel silly in myself and my church said that any way of talking, aloud or in my head, is praying even if its not directly at the Lord as He hears everything.

A Daily Confessions Prayer
Abraham's blessings are mine....
I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.
My territory is being increased and evil shall not befall me
I am the head NOT the tail
It is God who gives ME the power to make wealth
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
I am doing the will of God in my life and I will receive the promise
I am anxious for nothing
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am more than a conqueror
The plans that God has for me are of good to prosper me
I give bountifully so I reap bountifully
The Lord is the Lover of my Soul, my hiding place, my helper, my keeper, my strength
I believe God for the unseen, unbelievable, inconceivable, impossible!
I am a new creature in Christ
I am doing all things THROUGH Christ Jesus who strengthens me
I am blessed with all spiritual blessings
I am sealed by the Holy Spirit
I am complete in Him
God watches over his word to perform it (accomplish it(!!!
Thank you Lord

Anointed Oil
In the Biblical days (old testament), anointed oil was poured on the head of the person being set aside (anointed) for a certain purpose. In the New Testament, anointed oil was used in connection with healing. Get yourself some olive oil, pray the prayer of healing and use it as such.

I hope that what I share from my church group helps you as it helps us.

Today I have the fire going and its raining. I should be doing the groceries, but I really cant be bothered so Im at home doing this post and eating popcorn with Declan before we go to pick up Andrew from OSCAR.

Much love

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am worth far more than diamonds

I went to church group last Wednesday and one of my beautiful ladies shared this with an illustration.

She had three groups of jewels and explained each one.

Costume jewellery is the stuff that she lets her grandies play with as it's not worth much to her.
Mild valued jewellery is to share with friends as its nice.
The jewels with sentimental value (and very expensive lol) are the ones in the pretty box away from prying hands.

We are worth more than all of these and we are not to let anyone tell us differently.
God made us who we are and we need to remember He loves us for who we are. This was very helpful to me lately. The piece of paper that was given to me with this on it was in the floor of my car and after spending the morning with another beautiful friend, I remembered that I had it.

I am worth far more than diamonds, rubies and any other stone because the Lord and my friends tell me! Proverbs 31:10

I am off to church group tomorrow, I wonder what it has in store for me this week!

Much love Xoxo

Monday, May 7, 2012

Men truly are better than women....

Not all women though, just most of them. 

Almost 6years ago I got told to join one of those online forum/coffee group things. Apparently they were a close knit friendly bunch. My friend thought she was doing something nice for someone like me with no close friends and no family being pregnant in a new town with a toddler. Boy was she wrong! 
They weren't very accepting of new people into their circle and are exactly like being at school. You know the ones, one rule for them and another for you. I've always lived my life trying to be accepted by these bitches at school and at 27yo I'm still sadly trying to be accepted by women. 
John is right though, women shouldn't be online or text each other. They are catty vultures. 
Yup I'm putting this out on my blog because its where I can say what I like and you can't do anything about it. I'm suck of trying to fit in to your stupid little coffee group and pretending to be who I'm not isn't working and being who I am isn't working either. 

I'm a bloke at heart - say it how it is, that's me. 
I don't waste money on boots, shoes, clothes etc that I don't need. 
I put my husband and kids first and if the budget needs tightening I go without NOT John or the kids.
I don't buy make up, ear rings etc because I can think of better things to spend my husbands money on (him and the kids or a bill). 
I say it how it is because I have common sense and stupid people and stupid things annoy me. 
Yeah I probably shouldn't say half of what I do, but I'm honest and not out to make people happy. 
If I think to ask for advice online, I think "I probably should just do that" because it's not that fucking hard to think for yourself, people older than you have been doing it for years. 
I think really on top of my way if thinking that I've just been around men too long as they are soooo much better than bitchy catty vultures that call themselves women!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 Day Shred.......

Today is Level ONE, Day TWO.

Man do I HURT!
Although not as bad as yesterday.

I have been meaning to do this for a long time. I got the dvd, read peoples results, saw pictures and now have decided to get my lazy butt into gear for winter. I have SAD which means I have to get up and do something to starve off the winter blues.

There are no pics as of yet, but I will be posting up regular updates.

Today is sore.

I have sore underarms, I still cant do a push up and Im hot sweaty and tired.
If I have to compare to yesterday, I would say Im energised and wanting to go out for a walk! Maybe this is the kick I need.

I have a friend for coffee and the fire going and watching Shorty on MySky thanks to Channel 17, so Im going to love ya and push off.

Much love