Friday, September 14, 2012

Ive lost my zing! #toh20daychallenge

I am on day 10 and have lost my zing!

Last monday, I felt energized and ready to go. I cleaned my kitchen (and its still clean), did the laundry, bathroom, lounge and bedroom. I dusted. I folded laundry. I cleaned out cupboards.

Now, I check my emails and am losing my control.
Every time I open an email and check the next days task list, I get a little bit more BLUE 

Lets start with the Bathroom

  • I don't have a vanity. I have a sink that is attached to a wall.
  • I don't have a vanity bench, cupboards etc....again, just a sink.
In fact in my bathroom is....a bath tub, over head shower head, shower curtain and a sink (oh and the mirror)
So theres my blue.....oh and to add, I only have one bathroom. No ensuite or extra bathroom.

The laundry
I have a washing machine and a tub that is mounted on the wall. No shelves, no cupboards, no freaking under tub anything.......

Another thing....I dont have rugs or decorative cushion things lol.......and we havent had much sun lately to hang these things on the line to eliminate dust mites etc.
I don't even have a pantry to organise or a tuppaware draw/cupboard whatever lol.
I don't have a dishwasher to load and unload every day.
I don't even know what I was meant to do the other day when it was "kids toy room/spare lounge/spare bedroom/craft room" day so since I don't have any of that either, I watched telly.

Day 9 tasks were a wee bit more disheartening for me. We use our ceiling fans all year not too much dust there (and we have allergies so I clean them quite a bit from ash etc), I don't have a junk draw (cos I just decluttered that last week with the kitchen task) and I don't have a diary thingy whatsit....which made me a bit sad that we don't have activities to log, play dates, birthday parties etc (as we John doesn't like to socialise)

Day 10 tasks came into my email box last night and Im a wee bit more sad to say, I only need to clean my oven....the other stuff isn't relevant to me.

So instead of embracing our simple life with our SMALL house of 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one lounge, one toilet and a laundry room (which is outside), I am left feeding the black dog of doom and not wanting to do this challenge anymore. Its not just that my house is small and simple, its also that most of the cool storage stuff is not available in NZ so I can't even buy any of it to perk my mood up.

Please help perk me up and keep me doing this challenge I took on. The only upside to it so far is that I get grotty when my kitchen starts to look dirty and I have to get up and clean it. The rest of the house is clean and tidy too (except for the kids rooms....a huge skip bin will help with that)....but how do I embrace what I have and keep going every day?

Much Love

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have been having fun with the 20day challenge. My kitchen is still clean and tidy, my bedroom is too (except for Johns clothes haven't been put away and "I will do it Vik") and the laundry is nothing so that was a breeze. Oh and the lounge was on the list yesterday and I already did that sunday morning while Andrew was watching the new dvd "the avengers".
So all I have to do is maintain whats done (and get a new keyboard for the laptop co my S int working) and be ready for next weeks emails.

I was catching up on some reading and had to laugh at some of what I was reading. A few months back, I got hand bagged for asking for some advice about Declan. Apparently if I wasn't working or studying etc then I SHOULDN"T have my kids in care. That made me FURIOUS at the time as the stupid bitch (yes I am still mad) had no FARKING idea why my kids are in care so had no right to judge me for John and my decision. Turns out the person who ripped me a new one is breeding like wild fire (ok 4 kids but still), isn't working and has a NANNY! Now Im confused, because obviously if I shouldn't have MY kids in care (2 by the way), then why does she have a nanny when she doesn't work? And she has a friend with a handful of kids and SHE has one too....
Is that what I am meant to do? Take my kids out of care, breed like a rabbit, not work and then have a nanny like other "upmarket" mothers and live off my husbands "very good wage"? Hmmm food for thought this weekend.

Surely the views on this post will go through the roof over the weekend once word gets around.......because even though I DON'T put up names etc, everyone seems to 'know' what Im talking about *insert eyeroll here*

I better go pick up Andrew from his full time care and "parent" him like I am meant to. I haven't gotten anything out for dinner, so will have to do the mad dash around Countdown.......

Have a great weekend!
Ooh a shout out to LATTE JUNKIE for visiting.....go check out her blog!
Much Love

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today is the Master Bedroom! #toh20daychallenge

WHEW! So glad that is done!
Today is the MASTER BEDROOM...that means my room with John.

I don't have a before shot today, but I have stripped the bed, washed the bedding, vacuumed, dusted etc.

I filled up a HUGE rubbish bag with stuff and I found.....a computer Hard drive box and a printer UNDER the bed! They went in the bin. Luckily the rubbish men are coming on Thursday because my wheely bin is FULL.

I am still thinking what the fuck did I get myself into, but my kitchen is still spotless from yesterday and I am feeling quite proud of myself for doing what Im doing.
I USED to have a clean and tidy house way back when. I USED to bake and feel good about myself too. So this is making me feel really good. Its a shame that I don't have as much support from my best friend and my family as I thought I would have, but if the kids and John make a mess I WILL GO NATO! You never know, the kids might like it.
Andrew came home yesterday and said, "wow you did some cleaning"...thing is, he doesn't remember what I did when he was a baby so this is very disheartening that I have let him down by slacking off over the years.

Right! I need food and my E key isn't working so I have to BASH it lol.....catch you all tomorrow!

Monday, September 3, 2012

My SPRING cleaning challenge #toh20daychallenge

Ok so I have NO idea what possessed me to do this!

On one of my parenting FB groups, the daily question was "How do you Declutter your home?'
One of the lovely ladies answered it with this The Organised Housewife so I clicked on the link (which was actually a website) and found her.
I thought it would be a good way to get my ass back into cleaning up and being organised (because believe it or not, I was a neat freak BC).

So a prompt showed up on my FB news feed and I had a look and decided this would be good for me!
Its a 20 day challenge....Last week was a week of printing out printables and buying things that we would need (cleaning products etc), setting goals and making a morning and evening routine.

So yesterday afternoon this turned up in my email inbox day one challenge - kitchen and I printed out the printable and took a before shot.

This was taken on my iPod so forgive the crappy focus. Its also up on instagram
This is generally how my kitchen looks...every day....every night.

This is now what my kitchen looks like after just under 3hours!
I am now sitting down and having a coffee and waiting to see what John wants to do for lunch.

I am VERY proud of myself....but VERY apprehensive about how long it will stay like that and if John and the kids can help keep it this way too.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First day of SPRING!

Its the first day of spring!

I have finished the Summer blog challenge (with 7 prompts to finish, that I am having trouble with) and I am about to start a 20 day organising challenge to try and get my butt back into gear (and I need a spring clean).

I feel like things are getting back on track where they are meant to be (and where they used to be)...isn't it amazing how Spring and Summer can put a HUGE spring back in your step!

I wonder if I can get away with changing the name of my blog now that it doesn't really suit anymore.....hmmmm food for thought

Much love everyone and happy Spring

#blog challenge 18/8/12 onwards

It is now September and Im a wee bit disappointed in myself for lagging on the summer blog challenge. I got way behind so many times and now its finished and its Spring and I still have two weeks (or round abouts) to catch up on. we go.

How did you meet your significant other?
I just asked John this and he said "painfully"....hmmm maybe I shouldn't ask him these questions to help me answer.

The short story is that I went to Polytech with one of Johns younger brothers and John was running in the same sort of social circle as me. I think we were bound to cross each others path eventually, but I found him sitting at my kitchen table one night when I came home from a friends house.
We swapped cellphone numbers and were stuck like glue ever since.
We didn't date though (which makes me a bit sad), we just hung out together with his friends and I think we were together for about 2-4wks before we moved in together.

It was very fast, but I don't regret it for a second.

Share a favorite free font you've found.
Some of these prompts I have found a wee bit silly this one.
I have no idea where to get a free font from or even have the patience to trawl through pages and pages and pages to find one. I don't actually know how to download one to my computer either. I am still very new to the WWW and pick things up very slowly off other bloggers.

Give a tip for new bloggers
A tip for new bloggers from a recent new blogger is to read blogs, google blogs, join blog hops (yeah that was a new thing for me), comment on blogs you like and ask questions.
Always ask questions.
I have a few blogs I always read and refer people to and have learnt stuff from.
Ooh and get "blogging for dummies" haha

Favorite rainy day activity.
Ooh this is soooo easy......My favourite rainy day thing to do is cuddle up on the couch with John and the boys and watch telly or a dvd with the fire going.
Normally its something John or the boys want to watch, but I have found that being open minded (which was VERY hard to do) has taught me that I would of missed some good programs and movies etc if I had chosen not to watch them myself.

What's a show from your childhood that you'd love to bring back?
There are heaps of shows from my childhood I would love to bring back.
  • The Snorks
  • Captain Planet
  • TMNT (the original 1980s show)
  • That cartoon with the cat wearing a top hat
  • The Jetsons
  • Transformers
  • The Avengers
I could keep going, but I think I would run out of room!

Who is your favorite villian?
I don't have a favourite villian.....I don't even have a villian come to mind from my childhood. Im a hero kind of girl

If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?
The short answer to this is...there isnt one. My mind is somehow only seeing the bad events and I don't want to go through any of those.