Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another blog hop

I joined another blog hop!

I don't know how well I will do in it, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time. It's for size 14+ women in NZ and Australia (why don't we just become one country? haha) and I thought, "well I'm a 14-18 most days, so why not!"

I have missed out on the last 23 weeks, but next week will be my first post from the blog hop. The linky is below, so check out the lovely ladies and join if you want to.
You can check it all out at Life As We Know It.
The button is on my page (over there >>) and all the linky details are at the bottom of this post!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How much do YOU spend?

A blog I follow has decided to join another blog I follow in a personal "No Spend January" (I think she said Jan-Feb).

I have been reading her blog and you can too here where she has said why she is doing this and how there are "triggers" etc she is finding a long the way 6 days in.

Her posts have been making me think about how many more people are spending  money on stuff?

Stuff you think you need
Stuff you want
Stuff so you are like everyone else

We, as a family have not fallen into the consumer pit (or we have at least tried to stay out of it) and we can do things without spending money all the time.
It seems there are people out there that go to The Warehouse and have to spend money....or you short change yourself in the grocery shop so you HAVE to go back and get that loaf of bread you forgot and those extra things you throw in the trolley that you didnt need too.
If you can't buy it in cash, you use your credit card (we didn't have one until the bank sent us one and we DON"T use it)
You have to go on Trade Me and buy something off the $1 reserve listings so you can say, "it was a bargain!"

So, really how many people are like that?

One of the posts I have read made me think "really, you dont know how to do that?" as she has come across as only being able to do family things if she can spend money doing it.
I don't know how many things I do with my children that either don't cost money or don't cost a lot.
I took them to the pool the other day for $7.20! That was for both of them to swim for as long as they wanted (as long as the pool didnt shut lol) and I can take them anywhere I want and it doesn't cost me anything but time. We can walk around the lake, feed the ducks, go to the park, the library, my mums, Johns nanas.....the list is endless of free things to do with the kids (unless you count time and fuel for the truck).
I can also take my boys to The Warehouse to play with the noisy toys and bring them home empty handed.

So there is your food for thought this week.....go over to her blog and have a read and a follow maybe and see how she is doing.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Damn Steam Trains!

Today has been a very trying day in our house.

John is at work and I have no idea when to expect him home
The kids have attitudes and are really pushing my buttons
A Steam Train went past twice

The kids have been really pushing today. Its hot. We are tired. They are bored. I have a headache.
Blah Blah Blah

I took them to the library and had to tell them to SHUT UP in the library. I am always having to tell them it is a QUIET place *gah*

Then we went to the supermarket to get some dinner stuff

Then off to a friends house.

We got home about an hour or so ago and all I've done is yell at them and tear my hair out.

Then a steamer comes through!

Tooting his damn horn RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE adding to my dramas.

So I have written the company a nice email (well I hope it was nice) asking them why the driver does that and can he not do it anymore. It is loud and freaks the kids out. Its not the train, its the horn.

Anyway, Im trying to relax before doing dinner and John getting home. The last thing I want is for crabby man to come home from 14+hours in the Sahara to me yelling at the kids (and him).

Much Love

Friday, January 4, 2013

What a busy day!

Today started off really slow! But once we got up and going, it was busy..... yeah okkkk

I found some change in my pocket and took the kids to the pool today. They have been home for nearly two weeks and going stir crazy, so going to the pool was to get them out and using up some energy.
(They are currently curled up on the couch rubbing their eyes watching Adventure Time)

I thought it would be a good idea to get them an ice cream from the truck, but at $3.50 for a flake cone, it wasn't a good idea. I also noticed that you can do anything with the kids, but they still misbehave and want more but don't want to give anything back for it. No wonder parents keep their kids locked up at home lol.

To top off today, they had a play at the park and Andrew asked me about how it was built.
Back in 1998, the town fundraised and got sponsorship and things and we as a town chipped in and built a "Kids Own Playground"
There were picket fence fundraising (where your name got put on a picket for $5 a space) and mufti days, sausage sizzles etc.
I don't remember much of the park before we all built the new one, but this one is much better. Its really awesome to see something I helped build (ok, it was maybe one nail) is still in good knick and my kids get to play on it every day!

I have dinner cooking.....chargrilled chicken patties, cheesy cauli bake and pasta so I better go.

Much Love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Im looking for a PLANNER....

Something like this
2013 planner
That is FREE or easy to use preferably lol.

Im not the most clued up person in the world and now Im looking for a program (or whatever she uses) so I can make my own planner.

I refuse to pay $14.95AUS to download her planner (which I probably will do anyway). I mean, Im using MY paper, MY ink, MY internet etc to download something that didnt take long for her to design.

I do get that you need to be paid for your time in a lot of cases, but this should be half the price or free or something.

Other things the children and I have done today is:

  • We went and saw John at lunch
  • We had a friend come with her son for a cuppa
  • We went to my mama's for a cuppa and to get out of the house
  • We got TWO new games for the xbox 360! (yup naughty mama)

Now Im am trawling the interweb for a planner, watching the kids play xbox and waiting for John to get home. I should be doing dinner but its a 20min thing that I dont wanna over cook as I have no idea when he is getting home from work today. Oh and did I mention he got bloody poached again? I know he is deserving of getting poached all the time, but hes in the best place he can be for his trade.
At least where he is, he can travel or go up management (he already is manager, its just not official lol) and Im soooo proud of him!

Ok...I have to continue my search.

Much Love

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

oooooooooooo oooooooo

Ok, so not a very good blog title....but come onnnnnn!

Today has been crap. Utter farking crap! And if I can't post it here and be real, then where can it go?
John was home from Saturday before Christmas until Thursday after Christmas and then again this Saturday for New Years and goes back to work tomorrow. I hate all the hours he works, I hate all the days he works, I hate when he is home and his phone rings! What I hate the most....is when he IS home and he is a complete and utter DICKHEAD!

He mooches around like he owns the place (ok, he does)
He makes a mess (cos he can)
He grumbles from the minute he gets up til the minute he goes to sleep at night (and we try to avoid him)

Hes just a DICK!

I decided last year that I am sick of being his lap dog. I know its my job and all, but Im sick of running to him. Im sick of making everything all about him. Im sick of making him a coffee and not getting one in return. Im sick of rolling him a damn smoke and not getting one from him. Im sick of putting him first and him not caring about anything except his damn dinner, lunch, smoke, coffee or V.

Im SICK of doing it.

I want this year to be about me....because lets face it, the past 10years (well 28years) have been all about John and the kids (and family and others).

So, its going to be hard, but NO means farking NO!

Im going to buy that bra I need, see that movie in the movie theatre I want to see, and read that book I wanna read. If I had a job, I wouldn't be anyones little lap dog anyway!

Yup, Im fully going to regret this post in the morning, but man it feels good to offload somewhere!

Much Love

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

Like the rest of the world, we had New Years Eve last night.

Like the rest of the world, Im on my blog writing about how great the night was....um well actually Im not. The night was a quiet one at home. The boys played Sonic Karts on Xbox 360 and John took a nap on the couch.


Its windy, its grey, its coldish.
We are at home watching re run movies on Sky and Johns a wee bit grumpy (like always).

So instead of writing resolutions (that will most likely fade away), I am telling you all to spend time with your family and just try to do one thing at a time and take each new day as it comes.

Much Love