Friday, February 22, 2013

15 minutes is better than nothing right?


I struggled through the first week of 12wbt....didn't handle the detox very well.....chugged down a Powerade and had a nice salty pork riblet with my salad the other night and now have my energy back!

So it is grey and raining today and cold so John suggested I do a workout to wake up.

Turn on the desktop (connected to the telly), load it up, do the first 5min warm up and what do you know? The damn internet is STILL dropping out when it feels like it.

Now, I usually have time to wait out the drop outs....but today I don't have time to put a 45min workout into 80mins as I have to pick up Declan from school.

I did do the warm up and the first circuit and Im pissed off that I didn't turn the computer on sooner today.

Happy Friday or FFS Friday?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12WBT Week Two!

So it is officially 1.5wks since I started this.

Today was weigh in day (like every Wednesday).
I have a total of 2.9kg loss so far to date.

I am still finding it hard! I still have the headaches, tiredness, mood swings etc that no one told me about.
I cry or I yell. I curl up on the couch with John at night and fall asleep on his lap. I wake up and feel like I want to puke.
I have no energy.

I know, this is NOT what you want to hear if you are following my journey, but I am truthful. I can't go RAH RAH RAH THIS IS GREAT if I don't feel that way. I am tired and thirsty and can't concentrate and I'm hungry!
John says it will all pass, but I need to keep going. I intend to keep going, but this is NOT what I wanted to have and I hate feeling this way only 1.5wks into the challenge.

I pop my back out during workouts (which is painful since I have a back injury lol)
I hurt and I ache and I don't have the get up and go to jump through a workout or go from lunges to burpees.
In fact, Im pretty sure my pelvic floor muscles are WEAKER now than when I started lol. What with all the jumping and lunging and squating and burpees etc lol I am not surprised.

The upside?

My tummy is shrinking! Yes, it is actually disappearing on me.
My jeans are falling down! But I am still a wee bit big for the next size down.
My water intake is triple what it usually was! And I pee less
My grocery budget is cheaper! Because John and the kids are eating the same as me for dinner (John is doing lunch and dinner).
I feel great after a workout! And I get to do the laundry etc (after sitting on my kaboosh most of the day holding my eyes open)

So while I feel like utter crap and I am emotional and crabby, there are some upsides.

This really is HARD. No one told me how hard it was going to be, so I am telling you.
Its a huge emotional road. What you see on The Biggest Loser show, is pretty much how it is when you cut your food down and exercise every day!
I chose the weight loss plan and I get a 1200 calorie allowance each day and I have 45mins of exercise PLUS the things we do each day that we don't think about.

I need to get lunch and then I have an appt to get my butt to today....

Much Love

Monday, February 18, 2013

I got a JOB! and #12wbt wk2

I got a chance to work at the local A&P show on the amusement side thanks to my best friend!

I was the hot dog girl in this trailer in the pic!
Ok, I was the till girl in a very unsexy red polo shirt, a hat and an awesome apron haha

It was an awesome experience and now I wanna run away with the circus.
Its not a circus per sae, it is the rides and the side games and the hot dogs lol...but yes I got a taste of working life and I want it again!
It was fun!

The people I worked with (and for) are awesome people (with the exception of a few).
People walked right past me and didn't notice I was there, so I got to see things that I wouldn't normally see.
I got to see what happens on the other side of the glass and how it all looks.

I would definately do it again, and I must of done a good job because I already have been asked to do it again!

I got to WORK! And I want to do it again!

Now onto the important thing you all want to know.....
NO I did not get the muchies for the hotdogs and deep fried food lol. 
I am still on track with my 12wbt, and I feel great. Ok, I lie.....
I feel like utter shit!
I am tired and thirsty and have detox headaches! This is NOT what I signed up for, but apparently it should pass soon.

I better be off....


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Weight In

So today is Weigh In day for the 12wbt people.

I thought that since I officially weighed in on Sunday, that today is too soon........

Well I will tell you that in two days I have

  • Eaten my three meals 
  • Been slighting under my calories as I have been FULL
  • Done two days of excerise
  • Drunken more water than I normally would
And I am feeling GREAT.

So today the scales had a.......

1.5kg LOSS

Monday, February 11, 2013

I want my bed......

I did Day One of 12WBT today.
It was hard on so many levels.
I ate my food plan.
I did my workout video.
Now I wanna sleep.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

12WBT - Signing in #12wbt

I think I am crazy!

Really I do.......

Through following one blog, I found another and I liked what I saw......her name is Sarah from Dear Baby G
She did this amazing thing of starting Michelle Bridges 12 Body Transformation and sharing it with EVERYONE and I got hooked. I had seen it around and I wanted to see someone do it and I was very impressed!
I signed up yesterday for Round One 2013!

My goals for this are

  • Lose at least 5-10kg
  • Be fitter
  • Get off the couch and JFDI
  • Eat better
  • Hope it all rubs off on John 
So, I have done most of Pre Season.
I have my shopping list
I have my gear all ready....(dont tell anyone, but Im still deciding on whether I need the Polar or not)
I need to do shopping for Monday and Tuesday

I need to JFDI

Thanks to Sarah at Baby G, I am on my way to feeling better.

I am going to report in here.....I hope you all keep up on how it is doing and I hope to share pictures etc too.
I need support! Lots of support!

I can't walk away from this like I did with Weight Watchers when they told me I wasnt trying hard enough.
I can't walk away from this like I avoid MFP because I CBF with the hassle of loading in my calories (even though I eat the same thing pretty much every day).

I CANT walk away! I have to to this. Even on the third day when I dont want to anymore because it is too hard. So jump on here and follow me and keep me going, because when I dont want to keep going and John is busy at work, I will need someone!

Much Love

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting ready for school!

Today we are getting ready for school tomorrow!

The lunchboxes are clean and waiting to be filled
The brand new alloy drink bottles are cleaned out and in the freezer so there will be a nice cool drink in the heat
The uniforms, togs, towels and school bags are washed and on the line

Just waiting on the alarm tomorrow to get the kids up!

Andrew is excited for the FIRST time in 3years!
He is off to a NEW school with all his after school care friends and his little brother.
I am happy, but also wondering if I have made the right choice in taking him out of his previous school (due to bullying) and putting him in a new school.
Only time will tell.

Happy Sunday (or Saturday)!
Much love

Friday, February 1, 2013

February HAS to be better right?

It has been a rough couple of days, weeks and months.

On top of Johns uncle and Dad dying, I had my smear taken.
I wasn't too worried about it as I almost ALWAYS have abnormal results.
I went to the dr in January to have my routine biopsy taken and didnt think anything of it.
I had pain etc from after the biopsy (which is expected since they are cutting parts out of me lol) and just got on with it.

I had a letter yesterday in the post date marked 22 January.
It says "Your recent biopsy has demonstrated the presence of abnormal cells on the cervix which need treating"


So, how many more times can I go through this before that treatment isnt going to work anymore?
What if I cant have any more babies?

Im fine on the outside, but I am going through the same thing I went through all those years ago. Except now I know what I am going through and its not all as scary as it seemed the first time.
BUT I still cant help but wonder all these things.

On another note, it has been a horrible summer so far! It is dry and hot and you cant get cool and you cant do ANYTHING. It is maxing out at 35+ degrees Celcius and it is TOO DAMN HOT!
I am currently looking at holiday homes to try and get John out to the beach for the weekend since he has been told he cant work tomorrow...what is the bet he will be working tomorrow?

I am currently job hunting bring on February!

Much Love