Sunday, March 31, 2013

2 years in Photos!

I found some photos that I had posted on a weight loss FB group I belong to.
I don't have a lot of photos of myself and I don't like to share the photos that I DO have so these ladies are very privileged and so are you!
In 2011, I weighed in at 99kg or round abouts. These aren't in any order.

August 2011 sometime.
Self Pics arent GOOD

This is Nov 2011 sometime. Andrew was playing with the camera.

Feb 2011

Feb 2011

In 2013, I am starting week 7 of #12wbt and I am 87kg!

 Sorry for the pic over load and the bottom pics were taken by Andrew so I was standing there telling him how to take the pic and thats how they came out!

Happy Sunday

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 7 wrap up

As I finish Week 7 and go into Week 8, I have things to ponder.

I am regretting not taking a before shot, doing the exercises and posting regular updates for the world to see like other people have.

I did choose NOT to do pictures as I don't take a good pic and self pics are terrible things if you can't get them right.

I also didn't do the pre start exercises as I signed up bang on Saturday and had to push all those pre season things into TWO days.

Now I sit here in week 7 and although I feel GREAT and look just as good, I can't help but feel like I have let myself down by not embracing the whole "weight loss" thing.

Its not the be all etc as I have hardly ANY pictures of myself in the photo collection (which I am trying to change so my kids know I was there), but I really should have documented this journey better.
I also have the dreaded "fat girl" syndrome where I feel great, but still see that big girl in the mirror and then I don't want to share my pictures with anyone lol.
I am also disappointed that I came into the #12wbt ready to go and now I am cooped up at home recovering from my surgery and I just want to go to the gym or go for a run or SOMETHING!

But enough with that......

It is EASTER!!!
  • John is outside making himself a planter box to do a raised garden in.
  • He put in some ceiling insulation so the kids are getting quite toasty rooms now
  • I am STILL waiting for the rain to come (with everyone else)
  • I am thankful that Jesus died for our sins and rose again
  • I won $72 on my lotto ticket last weekend!
  • I won 12 Hot Cross buns from an awesome cafe today on Facebook!
  • My kids are healthy and so am I 
  • Ooh and my brother is coming over on Monday!
Go and enjoy this time with your family and watch some really bad telly!

Much Love

Friday, March 22, 2013

Well its Friday....

I have had an absolute shit of a week. 
This probably qualifies for Sarah's FFS Friday

On Monday, the DPU nurse rings to check that I am still going to my MINOR operation and I find out the time got changed for a third time and didnt tell me 

On Tuesday, DH and I rock up to DPU and have to wait 30mins in reception before getting into DPU to wait for a nurse.

The nurse wanted a pregnancy test done prior to the operation

As usual, it was negative. DH and I thought it was pretty funny.

For a simple 30min procedure, they wouldnt discharge me until I was up walking, eating and had gone tinkle and had my pain under control.

It was almost better than period pain so I got to go home after a few lies to the nurse.

I should have laid up on the couch, but instead I have been doing dishes etc and am completely exhausted.

I had to call mum to come and help me as I am really not dong that good.

I must have looked bad because my lovely checkout lady opened a checkout and waved me through it so I could go home after picking up some things for dinner.

I now have a post op infection and am on ABs and really should be resting.

Instead, I have dinner to do and will have to eventually buy food and a Tee Ball game in the morning.

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 5 #12wbt and other stuff

I am on Bloglovin so go over there >> above my "About Me" and click on the link to Bloglovin :)

I hate how you have sooo much to update and just CBF doing it.

Last Wednesday was weigh in day for Week weight loss is slowing down, but a loss is a loss all the same. So last week's loss was 100gms. Pretty happy with that!

Then I had a dieticians check up at the hospital and he said I have a loss of 5kg from our last appt and that I have lowered my health risks by 5.3%. Pretty happy with that too!

Week 5 was pretty good for #12wbt and I am still on track to eating, still drinking plenty of water and still running/walking around the lake! Pretty happy with all that!

Today, I had my surgery so CBF doing a proper post as I am still tired from the will love you and leave you all!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Round 1, Week 4 round up

It has been FOUR weeks since I embarked on my journey!

It seems like such a long time ago.

One of my first blog posts on the forums was about Sabotage. It was day 2 and John had taken my lunch out of the fridge and I was angry and frustrated that every time I try to make myself a better person, I felt like John was trying to hold me back.
I now wonder why I posted what I posted back then, but through all the messages of support, I got up and made lunch and dried my tears and got on with it.

  • If John wanted to eat my lunch, then I went to the shop and bought more ingredients and made lunch.
  • If John wanted to come home for lunch and I was doing my workout, I continued with my workout and had a coffee with him afterwards.
  • I was a heavy 92.5kg four weeks ago.
  • I wasn't happy about me or my size.
  • I wasn't doing any exercise anymore because I didn't feel like it.

Now, four weeks later it is a different story.

  • I weigh 88.5kg (at the last weigh in)
  • I am happy with what I have done in so little time.
  • I exercise every day (whether it is a video online, a walk or a workout at the gym)
  • I drink way more water than I did (and I thought I was already drinking HEAPS)
  • I have even started RUNNING (yes, running) around the lake (it is 1.6km or 1 mile) it is not a complete run, but I WILL get there!
  • John even comes to the lake Saturday and Sunday nights after dinner and walks with me (he has even started running a long side me and teaching me to pace myself)

The first few weeks were soooo hard and you can read about them on my blog, but once you overcome that, you can do ANYTHING you want.
I have more motivation now than I did four weeks ago. I still need to do my measurements for the stats page, but I have lost 10cm on my belly.

I got called overweight on a forum (actually they were really nasty) and it didn't bother me. I am doing something and they aren't. I am happy and they are not happy. I can tell they are not happy, because if they need to be so nasty to try and bring people down, then they aren't happy with themselves.

I have learnt so much in four weeks, done so much and feel so much better.
I love getting my meal plan every Thursday and printing it out
I love printing out my shopping list and recipes
I love what I am doing.

And you know what?
My kids and hubby love it too.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I want to RUN!

Today marks Week FOUR of #12wbt and I want to run!

I have energy when I work out.
My heart doesn't beat out of my chest anymore
I have more bounce in my step when I walk or do the treadmill


A long with other stuff, I need to re-do my blog!
I need a new title and name
I need a "follow me" thing like other blogs I follow
I want it to look like it isn't a hobby thing...that it can cross over to a business or whatever if I choose to go down that road.


I want a lot of things today.
And I have no idea what to do.

And how do you give advice to someone to try and keep them safe without looking like a mean jealous person?

I think that is it for today. These nails are starting to bug me when I type and I am also doing heaps of googling to try and refresh my blog.

Much Love

Friday, March 1, 2013

#12wbt week 3 round up

Well I have just realised that I haven't blogged......FFS

I wanted to try and link up to Sarah's FFS at Dear Baby G but couldn't figure out how to paste the button FFS

And then realised I hadn't done a #12wbt update FFS

So here I am No FFS

I have had a good week for #12wbt

I wanted to tell you about what happened this week, but it wouldn't make sense and take too long FFS

Ok, I will tell you lol

A part of the hall carpet was slowly getting wet FFS
John went to investigate at 11pm a few days later after we noticed it FFS
He found that the mains pipe had cracked right under the hallway floor FFS
He took a plastic container ontop of the pipe to divert water

I then called a plumber the next day
He then left to get parts and install them
I am still waiting for the bill to come FFS

The toilet cistern is now making funny noises and wont stop dribbling water FFS
John is getting shitty with the noise the toilet is making FFS

Dog has an allergy FFS
She is shaking her head all the time FFS
It is annoying John (and I woke to it one morning) FFS
Went to vet to ask for ear drops to be told the are prescription FFS
Would I like a consult? ummm NO thanks FFS

Went to pick up the kids from After School Care
Got handed an invoice that we weren't expecting, adding stress FFS
Found out it wasn't the right bill and that they want to charge what they printed FFS
Organised a meeting
Meeting got cancelled FFS

Picked up Andrew from school on Wed No FFS
Noticed he was itching when I took him to school that morning FFS
Decided that I would check his hair
Found some freeloaders FFS
Luckily they were babies and clear
They all came out in the wash

So now we are left wondering what is next

I went to pre admission today at the hospital for my surgery
I was 10mins early
She was 25mins late FFS
Then she called me on why I looked shitty and tried to make me feel bad for being shitty FFS
Then she weighed me and told me I was overweight FFS
That was the last thing she did, so I got to leave No FFS

Now I am sitting at home waiting for John to get home from work FFS
He is working late so he can take tomorrow off for Declans Tee Ball game No FFS (in fact thats an AWWWW)
I wonder when he will be home so I dont have to go to bed alone FFS?

I will love you and leave you now.....but I did lose 1kg in this weeks 12wbt!